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the team concept

Beyer-Barber Company - The Team ConceptBeyer-Barber Company has developed specialized talent to meet the needs of all of its clients in their efforts to comply with the most current complex legislation, employee objectives and employer concerns. This talent is assembled into a team approach dedicated to providing comprehensive actuarial/record keeping and consulting services.

The team concept revolves around the individual assigned as the Consultant to the account. The Consultant will be responsible to the client for all consulting and work product provided by our firm; however, our entire staff is always available to you.

Beyer-Barber Company's staff philosophy is that each member has primary, not exclusive, responsibility for either actuarial/record keeping or consulting services. While responsibility is divided along these functional lines, the team also has interdisciplinary experience.

For example, while the Actuary's general job description is preparation and certification of all actuarial products, he/she also has client contact and other responsibilities. He/she is therefore knowledgeable about client's needs and objectives and is required to keep current with respect to new legislation, concepts and products that may be applicable. This crossover of roles and responsibilities guarantees that the client is receiving experienced consulting and quality services at all times.


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