Beyer-Barber Company - Employee Benefit and Actuarial Consultants

team member profiles

Beyer-Barber Company has created an informal, yet professional atmosphere around the office. We have many long-standing traditions to motivate the team to work together like a family. From working in teams on client accounts to our monthly meeting (held to update everyone on current company events like new clients, legislation updates, or simply to wish a happy birthday or to celebrate a staff member's anniversary with the company), we strive to have each employee realize the importance of their individual role with the common goal of providing the best service to our clients.

Randee W. Sekol - EA, MAAA, MSPA, FCA - CEO and Chief Actuary

Peter M. Karapelou � CEBS - Senior Consultant

Pamela B. Sekol � Vice President and Consultant

Lawrence C. Brisman - EA, MAAA, MSPA � Vice President and Consulting Actuary

Kristen Y. Backenstoe - EA, MAAA, MSPA � Consulting Actuary

Lynn C. Cornish � Lead Health & Welfare Actuarial Analyst and Consultant

William Hildebrant � Municipal Plan Consultant

Laura A. Prego � EA, MAAA, MSPA � Consulting Actuary

Susan E. Vilardo � QPA, QKA, CRSP, ERPA � Pension Administrator and Consultant


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